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Welcome to Solvate Your Tijuana Hair Restoration Experts

The thousands of hair transplant procedures are team has conducted in Tijuana, Mexico have developed our reputation as the go-to for the best in class hair restoration experts.

Our Transplant Center is Best In Class

Not one detail was left untouched when it came to developing a hair transplant center in Tijuana that would offer the top notch treatments clients were in need of without missing out on the savings of getting the best results at the investment level you will be happy with.

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You are in a good hands at Solvate. Tijuana's #1 Hair Transplant Center.

How A Mexico Hair Transplant Could Change Your Life

Hair transplants aren't something most people take lightly. However, when the time comes to get a transplant, you know it. In your research, you have probably noticed that Mexico is one of the best places in the world to get your procedure done. It's cheaper while still offering the same quality and safety you're used to back home.
But that's not all. There are many other benefits to getting a hair transplant in Mexico. Listed below are the top three ways a procedure in one of the world's most exotic locations could change your life.
A Boost In Confidence If you're looking to get a new head of hair, it's probably because you're unhappy with your current look. Maybe your hairline receded early in life. Maybe it started falling out one day. It's not like going gray, which can be covered up with a simple dye job. Losing your hair is often considered a permanent problem that can make you lose your confidence, both in your social life and at work.
Getting a transplant is often done when the person in question is so down about their balding scalp that it becomes the only viable option. Know that there's nothing shameful about losing your hair. But it's also not shameful to want to reverse it by any means necessary. Going to Mexico gives you the option of saving a lot of money while also getting the same level of care.
Save Money And Time
In your home country, it's likely that a transplant costs at least a few thousand dollars, even if your insurance covers some of it. However, your insurance probably doesn't, and you have to pay out of pocket anyway. When you have to choose between your kid's tuition, a new car for the family, growing your business credit or even the mortgage payment... suddenly your scalp doesn't have high priority.
But if you go to Mexico, you can rest assured that you'e saving a ton of money. Just ask one of the thousand of people who come and go every year for medical procedures in a hair transplant center in Tijuana because Mexico is the place to be!
Saving money and getting your old look back... what could be better?
Unwind In Paradise
There's one last fantastic reason to come down to Mexico for your next procedure. In short? It's Mexico! It's a great place to unwind in the sunshine. You can turn your medical trip into a vacation for the whole family. Simply check-in to one of the wonderful resorts in the area, and you'll be enjoying the sunshine, the beaches, the convenient shopping, and a world away from the stress of home. It's just on this particular trip you'll be returning with a wonderful souvenir that will be with you for years.
Choosing to go to Mexico for your hair transplant will absolutely change your life. Between saving you a ton of money and giving you a new head of hair, you can rest assured that you're getting a great vacation on the side as well! Please contact us for a free evaluation today. We can't wait to see you.