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Our Hair Center is the only hair loss clinic in Tijuana to offer both FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), with certification on both techniques. Our surgery center has the highest certification by AAAASF (an international certification organization located in the US) of any center in Mexico.

These techniques involve extracting follicles one by one or in a strip from the donor area to be then replanted into a patient’s balding area.

The potential of these techniques has enabled the natural reconstruction of balding areas with specialized follicle extraction and placement.

Our custom built micro-surgical tools ensure each follicular group of hair is precisely removed one by one with no extra tissue or damage to the surrounding skin. The hairs are then placed and grouped in natural orientation with a combination of artistry and the talent and experience of Dr. Sara Lea Salas.

Dr. Sara Lea Salas, MD


Dr. Sara Lea Salas, MD
Board Certified Dermatologist
Hair Restoration Specialist


  • General Medicine at the Autonomous University of Baja Californa (UABC)
  • Specialty in Dermatology by the Dermatologist Institute of Jalisco “Dr. José Barba Rubio”
  • Certified by the Mexican Board of Dermatology


  • Hair Transplant certified by the University of Tel-Aviv, Israel
  • Hair Transplant Mega-sessions with Dr. Shapiro in Minnesota, USA
  • Certified in Tel Aviv Israel with Dr Alex Ginzburg


  • Dermatología CMQ 2011, 9(2):142-148, SURGICAL PEARL
  • Follicular Unit Extraction: a new technique in hair transplantation, a review

Areas of Experience:

  • Clinical dermatology, hair clinic, assessment and treatment of hair loss in men, women and children
  • Hair Transplant, dominating the two techniques of hair transplantation FUT and FUE (hair by hair)

Certified by

    • cmd


  • ishrs
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